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Memorial Day Weekend: 9 Tips for Family Car Rides

Memorial Day Weekend: 9 Tips for Family Car Rides

Whether you’re going 15 minutes down the road or 15 hours across the country, traveling with kids can be difficult. However, Edwin believes that every moment together as a family can be a happy one. With Memorial Day Weekend coming up, Edwin the Duck would like to share with you his best tips for making family car rides a success!

As you start to plan your weekend, pause to read these 9 tips.

Pre-trip car prep: 

  • Having a trash bin in the car will make a huge difference by the end of the trip. It will keep the kids from wedging trash into various nooks and crannies before its eventual removal (and before its forgotten). Try making a DIY trashcan out of a plastic cereal container, the seal and pop-lid ensure that even wet messes and smells are contained.
  • Put cupcake liners in cup holders to keep them from getting packed with grime, and easily change out the cups whenever you want.
  • If you’re traveling with a child in diapers, put a disposable changing pad underneath them before placing them in the seat. This will save the car seat, and your nostrils, for the rest of the trip should an accident seep through their clothes.
  • Repurpose a hanging shoe rack as a multi-pocket storage system and drape it behind the front seats. It lets kids give every knick-knack an easily accessible home.
  • Always have paper towels, wet wipes and a few plastic bags in the car. They will always be put to use!

During the drive: 

  • Start the drive early in the morning so that the kids can sleep in the car. This will make the drive go by faster for everyone.
  • Strategically plan breaks where the kids are able to run around for a bit before jumping back in the car again. Letting them burn off some energy will reduce any restless stress.
  • Pack a lot of snacks to hold everyone over between meals - this will save both time and money!
  • If it’s a really long car ride, make a surprise bag full of wrapped toys that they get to open at specific mile markers or hours in the car. This will give them something to look forward to during the trip other than the final destination. It can also be a great incentive for good behavior. 

Of course the key to getting through any car ride is entertainment! Edwin is the perfect solution, packed with hours of educational songs, stories and interactive games for your children. Order Edwin the Duck online or pick him up from your local Apple Store. 

5 Fun Outdoor Activities: Take Edwin the Duck Outside

5 Fun Outdoor Activities: Take Edwin the Duck Outside

Spring is Edwin’s favorite time of year! The weather’s warmer, the days are longer, the flowers are in bloom and there’s new life all around (including adorable baby ducklings). To make the most of the weather, Edwin encourages you to take him outside for some fun in the sun or a rainy day splash. Because he is waterproof, dirt-proof and ultra durable, he is more than ready to spend all day outdoors. Plus, clean up will be a breeze with a fun and playful bubble bath.

Check out five of Edwin’s favorite outdoor activities:

Pool time: Pool parties are more fun with Edwin in hand. Splash around with Edwin and your best buddies for hours in the pool playing games like Marco-Polo, racing laps, and judging monster cannonball contests.

Fishing: Make memories on a fishing trip with Edwin and a family member. Like all ducks, Edwin loves lakes. Whether you’re reeling in a trophy fish or coming up empty - Edwin makes any boat trip a success with fun songs and games for all to enjoy.

Camping: Enjoy bonfires, nature hikes and camping travel. Play all day in nature with Edwin by your side and sleep soundly in your tent at night with Edwin’s nightlight and sleep sounds. Wake up fresh and recharged for another day of outdoor fun.

Beach trip: Pack a cooler, towel and sunscreen and take Edwin to the nearest ocean for a fun family day at the beach! Build Edwin his own sand castle or burry him to the beak. Edwin the Duck the perfect beach trip buddy – just make sure he doesn’t float too far away!

Gardening: Edwin doesn’t mind getting dirt in his feathers, especially when he’s giving back to nature. Plant a garden with Edwin and watch as your hard work grows before your eyes. Plant flowers for the bumblebees, and fruits and veggies for home grown meals later in the year.

Edwin the Duck is a durable playtime companion that your kids will want to take everywhere. Thanks to his compact size and durable nature – you can!

Know a friend or family member who would love a best friend like Edwin? Order today via or waddle on in to your nearest Apple store to purchase.

Hear What Moms Have to Say About Edwin the Duck

Hear What Moms Have to Say About Edwin the Duck

We’re all about making life easy for mom. That’s why we love reading customer testimonials, and hearing about all of the ways that Edwin is enriching the lives of children, parents and families of all kinds. From Edwin’s built-in waterproof, wireless Bluetooth speaker to the interactive and educational games housed inside his app, each Edwin owner seems to have one favorite feature that makes Edwin their own.

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite quotes, from real moms and grand moms, and listed them below. Read through the ways that these women are incorporating Edwin into their families, and share your own with us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram! We’re always looking to develop new ways to make parenting easier and more enjoyable, and the best recourse we have is you:

  • We finally got my duck loving daughter Edwin last night. She loves him so much! She is currently jamming out to music from his speaker.” – Kirstie R.
  • “Bath time is even more fun when you can play the Star Wars theme music in the tub! Thanks, Edwin The Duck!” – Brooke T.  
  • Love Edwin! What a great learning experience and friend for adults, too!” – Teresa G.
  • Wow this is just amazing. I love it. I have grand kids coming soon they will love it.” - Moray J.
  • “My daughter is loving the shapes game with Edwin!” – Dianna M.
  • I'm officially a backer for Edwin the Duck! Moms, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., check out this app-enhanced duck! This is the coolest new toy for kids.” – Kara M.
  • “We can’t go anywhere without Edwin the Duck!” – Sam Atkinson
  • We use Edwin on the fan setting. Love it!” – Mrs. Tetrault
  • “I love Edwin because he’s smart, soft, and educational!” – Nevaeh Edens  

If you think a mom if your life will enjoy getting to know Edwin the Duck, order one for her through EdwinTheDuck.comBest Buy or Apple!