Edwin’s Sneaky Meals: 6 Ways To Sneak Veggies Into Your Kid’s Dinner

Edwin’s Sneaky Meals: 6 Ways To Sneak Veggies Into Your Kid’s Dinner

Parenting is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. However, it can also be the most stressful – especially when your child is a picky eater. To Edwin, dinner is a time for families to bond and share stories. But with a picky eater, any meal can become a battle. That’s why Edwin went to work picking out what he calls his top “sneaky” recipes.

These healthy recipes take kids’ favorite foods and sneakily swap certain ingredients with fruits and veggies! The final product is so good that the whole family will never even notice a difference. Check out Edwin’s top three “sneaky” meals for dinner and dessert:


  • It’s almost a proven fact that all kids love pizza. Whether it stems from the all coveted ‘pizza party’ reward or its pure deliciousness, no kid will pass it up! So swap out the doughy crust for a healthy cauliflower pizza crust and give your child a hidden veggie they’ll love eating.
  • Finger foods are a crowd pleaser for both adults and children. They’re quick and simple. These broccoli tater tots are delicious and full of healthy sneaky veggies.
  • Much like the tater tots, baked butternut squash fries will make a picky kid happy. Serve with their favorite sauce or on their own, either way they’ll be eaten.


  • Frozen Banana Ice Cream(s) may be the best thing to happen to your summer, and after trying it once you may never buy regular ice cream again. Frozen pureed banana mimics the creamy texture of normal ice cream, but instead of all the refined sugars you get the vitamins and nutrients of bananas! Make dozens of different ice cream flavors by adding cocoa powder, berries or sprinkling their favorite candy bar on top.
  • It may surprise you, but this recipe for sweet potato brownies is likely to be your child’s most requested dessert. Sweet, fudgy, delicious and dense with nutritious value.
  • Deceptively Delicious Toddler muffins are so tasty sweet that they can be served for dessert, but also are so packed with fruits and veggies guaranteed to power your kid through even the busiest play day.

These sneaky meals are great for the whole family to stay healthy all year long. Download Edwin’s Temp Time App for tips on even more things you can do to keep your child feeling great.

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