April Showers: 5 Fun Games to Play Indoors

April Showers: 5 Fun Games to Play Indoors

Edwin loves rainy days and lucky for him spring is full of them. April showers make flowers grow and the perfect jumping puddles form; but sometimes showers turn to storms and playtime is moved indoors. Edwin wants to keep his playmates entertained all rainy day long with his favorite screen-free indoor games guaranteed to keep your child happy and active all day long.

Here are five Edwin approved indoor games for rainy days:

Pop Bottle Bowling. This fun indoor game begins as a craft. Collect 10 water or soda bottles, clean them, fill them with some water or sand and then decorate them! Use masking tape to outline a bowling lane and pin place markers. Use a rubber air or plush ball and let the games begin.

Homemade Playdough. This simple recipe uses ingredients you can find right in your pantry. Use food coloring to separate dough into different color batches. Your kids will be amazed from start to finish. Store in airtight bags to keep the dough from drying out. Check out the recipe for homemade Playdough here!

Baking Soda Science Experiments. If you have a little scientist, feed their curiosity with these simple, safe, and fascinating experiments. Watch their eyes light up with each new reaction! Check out the instructions and consider hosting a home science fair

Masking Tape Living Room Interstate. Easily transform your living room into a speed racers dream track. Use masking tape to create winding loops, turns, and intersections perfect for toy cars and keeping your child entertained for hours.

Marble Golf. Turn your house into an ever-changing mini marble golf course by cutting holes into the bottom of appetizer size paper plates and flipping them face down. Make obstacles, banks, and bumpers out of household items.

Once your little one is all tired out from with these fun screen-free games, snuggle up with Edwin for a good pre-bedtime story or educational game. Order your Edwin here!


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