3 Ways Edwin Manages Child Stress Levels

3 Ways Edwin Manages Child Stress Levels

April is national stress awareness month and while, as adults, we are very familiar with the toll stress takes on our lives, we often forget that children can suffer from high stress too. Actively improve your child’s stress level on Stress Awareness Day (April 16th) with Edwin’s help.

Here are three ways Edwin keeps your child happy, healthy and relaxed.

Aid your child’s sleep pattern with relaxing sleep sounds.

Getting enough sleep is crucial to low stress levels for all of us, but it is especially important for children as they learn and grow. Edwin’s Sleepy Time App keeps kids dreaming deeply and happily. The app features multiple lullabies to ease your child off to sleep, sleep sounds to keep them from waking up early and a soft glowing nightlight to ward off any fears of the dark. 

Unwind with Edwin while telling a bedtime story.

After a hectic day on the playground or at school, sometimes your child simply needs to cozy up on the couch or in bed and relax as Edwin guides them through a good short story. Edwin comes with an ever-updating content library of stories, songs and games that match your child’s needs as they mature and develop. The variety ensures your child never gets bored and might just make story time your child’s favorite way to wrap up a busy day.

Get good endorphins grooving while dancing with Edwin.

Edwin knows that lowering stress levels isn’t exclusively linked to sitting still. Sometimes your child just needs to get up and boogie with a good song and dance to release a healthy dose of stress lowering endorphins. Edwin comes with an extensive playlist of age appropriate songs that your child can dance and sing along to. Additionally, Edwin functions as a Bluetooth speaker, so bring him along and get the stress lowering dance party started! 

Experience these relaxing features for yourself, purchase Edwin here!


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