National Craft Month: 4 Educational Projects for Kids

National Craft Month: 4 Educational Projects for Kids

In case you didn’t have it marked down on you calendar, March is National Craft Month! This month, the Craft and Hobby Association is encouraging families explore the CRE8TIME movement, a foundation designed to raise awareness for the need to devote more time to creative expression, with the goal of providing a forum to share experiences, joys, lessons and results with family members, friends and even the online community. To celebrate this one-of-a-kind holiday, we’ve compiled a few fun projects that all families can enjoy:

Build the perfect bird feeder. Explore nature one bird at a time by stringing together a homemade bird feeder. Cut a bagel in half and loop through a piece of yarn or twine. Then, spread peanut butter on to the bagel and dip it into a delicious pile of bird seeds. Tie it to a tree, sit back, and watch the wildlife fly in!

Create your own illustrated book. We snagged this interactive idea from our friends at Able Play. To encourage social and emotional skill development in children, try using Edwin as the starting point for a story book full of adventures. Encourage imaginative play by thinking up new characters for a book all about Edwin’s friends and their adventures (how about Lucy the Leopard or Dino the Dinosaur)! Then, create an illustrated book and read the story aloud, together.

Host a home science fair. Enjoy the excitement of chemistry without the stress of a big school project by creating a classic science fair volcano inside your own home. Gather together the required ingredients (baking soda, salt, soap, food coloring, vinegar, scissors, party hats and a small glass jar) and follow these step by step instructions to teach your kids all about chemical reactions.

Grow food for the family. Educate the little sprouts in your household on the importance of a balanced diet by growing food as a family. Involve them in all stages of planning, planting and harvesting a healthy vegetable garden, and work together to come up with recipes that are both nutritious and delicious. After all, there is no better place to grow cherished memories than inside a garden!

Share your National Craft Month photos on social media using the hashtags #EdwinTheDuck and #CRE8TIME.


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