Six Fun Smart Toys for Kids

Six Fun Smart Toys for Kids

Every parent wants the best for their kids, which means investing in items that will last through multiple learning stages. So step aside, Lincoln Logs – these STEM toys are here to stay! Connecting your children with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) toys early in life is key to showing them the numerous career opportunities available in math and science. With the following toys, children can enjoy interactive play while also learning and behaving according to personalized educational development.

  1. Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope - The all-in-one digital microscope allows children to hold the hand-friendly scope over objects and then take videos or still images from the magnification. It’s featured at $37.77.
  2. LightUp Edison Kit – With this kit, children are able to snap together magnetic blocks in order to build circuits without soldering or wiring. You can download the free app (for iOS) to generate project ideas and personalized guidance. Retails for $74.99.
  3. Ozobot Bit 2.0 – Chalked full of coding content for individuals, friends and students, this little robot allows children to download website activities and interactive games with the Ozobot Apps. Kids can create challenges, DIY activities, design their own games and then share it with their friends and classmates. It is valued at $59.99.
  4. Edwin the Duck – A spin on the bath time necessity, our beloved rubber duck toy allows children to play along inside a companion app by moving the physical Edwin toy. Animated Edwin will follows along through educational songs, stories and games. With Bluetooth speakers, a built-in night light and a coming-soon temperature sensor, Edwin is a necessity for all parents of young ones. Avaiable for $99.99.
  5. Osmo – Equipped with puzzles and games, the Osmo app, through iOS, uses a ‘reflector’ mirror to visually see what’s going on in front of the iPad, takes a snapshot, and then displays it on the screen to incorporate games and activities for children to participate in. It’s featured at $80.
  6. Gears! Gears! Gears! - Allow little ones to start their engineering careers with an introduction to sorting, counting, designing, and constructing with this hands-on activity. The game boosts a child’s fine motor skills and promotes reasoning and problem solving through experimentation. It is valued at $29.95.

Enjoy helping your children discover what activities they enjoy at an early age thanks to the new STEM smart toy revolution. Share with us on Twitter what STEM toys you find useful! We’re at @EdwinTheDuck.


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