4 Tips for Internet Safety

4 Tips for Internet Safety

Our children are growing up in a technology-driven world and as busy parents, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest developments in smart toys and social media sites. If you think Minecraft is the same as Minesweeper or drones and firewalls are from another time period, it may be time to educate yourself and your child on the important of Internet safety.

Consider the following suggestions when reviewing your family’s online activities: 

  • Have your children use their electronics in a highly visible area in the home so you can monitor their usage. Use timers for Internet and game usage and limit what sites they are allowed to visit when accessing the Internet.
  • Take the time to surf the Internet with your child to understand what they regularly look up online. Note keywords or personalities and familiarize yourself with the search results or content themes with which your children are seeking out and finding.
  • Use content blockers and filters to safeguard your children from accessing inappropriate websites. Keep an open dialogue with your children about Internet safety and what to do if they find inappropriate content.
  • Explain to your children that if they wouldn’t do something in real life, they should not do it online. As an example, remind them to never give out personal information or share log-ins and passwords. 

Alongside the aforementioned tips, be sure to observe your own Internet habits and be aware of the example you’re setting for your children.

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