Staying Active with Edwin

Staying Active with Edwin

Edwin loves playtime with friends and especially digs getting his webbed-feet movin’ and groovin’. Looking for some fun activities to tackle with Edwin in hand? Consider these and get ready for a wing-flapping and happy-quacking good time!

  • Freeze dance. Dance until you drop while Edwin plays your favorite, upbeat songs via his BLUETOOTH™ speaker. Just remember to freeze when Edwin stops the music!
  • Go for a swim. Similar to tub time, Edwin loves to play in the pool. Grab your floaties (and an adult), then take Edwin for a dip. He isn’t afraid to jump in, but he knows not to swim to the deep-end without a friend.
  • Story time. All rubber duckies need their beauty rest, and the same goes for Edwin. Take Edwin to sleep with you and he’ll sing you an original lullaby before you both doze off. Set him on his nest next to your bed and he’ll stay illuminated by your side through the night.
  • Go for a waddle. Whether you’re waddling down the sidewalk or coasting in a stroller, Edwin would love to go with you! Waddle down the street or waddle to the park, just don’t forget to hold Edwin’s hand and an adult’s!
  • Duck, Duck Edwin. During the next playdate, circle around Edwin for a fun game of “Duck, Duck, Goose” with a twist. Let Edwin sing your favorite songs while you chase down your friends. If you win then you get to choose which story Edwin will read first during story time.

We want to see how you play with Edwin! Tag your photos on social media with #ILoveEdwin so we can see you grow together.


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