Rest Soundly with Sleep Sounds: Benefits and Considerations

Rest Soundly with Sleep Sounds: Benefits and Considerations

For some, bedtime is synonymous with fidgeting, fussing, tossing and turning. It is an hour and a half of laying in bed, reading, tucking and re-tucking in, and still - your little one isn’t asleep. How is it that children can drift into sleep in their car seat, horns honking and music blaring, but in the peace and quiet of their bedroom they’re as awake as ever?

Children are oftentimes over-stimulated and are incredibly comfortable with the noise that constantly surrounds them. It is in silence that their minds begin to tick and while they’ll fall asleep eventually, they often fight their tiredness for much longer while they lay in silence. This is why many parents and doctors have turned to using sleep sounds as a way to help their children fall and stay asleep.

Sleep sounds are specific noises containing many frequencies with equal intensities, found to be comforting to babies and children. While not being as loud or repetitive as a lullaby machine, sleep sound devices offer those soothing noises that are calming and soothing to children.

Working as a de-stresser of sorts, sleep sounds help children not only to fall asleep, but stay asleep. The sounds do not stimulate the brain in the way that other noises do, and instead blur noises together in a way that children find comforting. This helps to block other outside sounds throughout nap time or the night, keeping children from suffering from restless sleep. 

While sleep sounds provide an easy solution for creating a calmer, easier and better bedtime, many parents are unsure of how to introduce sound machines to their children’s bedroom. After all, trying something new means having to alter the coveted bedtime ritual. Enter: Edwin the Duck.

Already a bath and playtime pal, Edwin can easily be tucked into bed with a child. With the Sleepy Time app, users can control the volume and timing of Edwin’s sleep sounds and intensity of his nightlight, which will help your child drift asleep, stay asleep and wake up happier.


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