2015 Yule Slide Challenge: Support Edwin the Duck

2015 Yule Slide Challenge: Support Edwin the Duck

Edwin is participating in this year’s Yule Slide Challenge, and we need your help WIN!

From December 12 to 18 Edwin is facing off against Rex, The Children’s Museum’s official mascot. During that time, museum visitors, members, donors, staff and friends will have the opportunity to vote for Edwin both online and onsite. The winner (and we’re hoping it’s Edwin) will have the opportunity to zip down the oh-so-festive 47-foot Yule Slide!

How To Vote:

Votes cost $1 each, and all proceeds benefit The Children’s Museum’s Annual Fund, which directly supports their mission of creating extraordinary learning experiences for kids and families of all income levels, and allows the museum to be open for FREE on December 24.

To cast your vote for Edwin The Duck, either visit the Yule Slide Challenge website or the museum itself. There, you’ll find a donation box marked with a photo of Edwin. Simply drop in a dollar and your vote will be counted! While you’re there, make sure to share a photo on social media using the hashtag #MySlideCounts and drop by the museum store, where you can purchase your very own Edwin.

This year’s goal is raise $90,0000. When that happens, the total amount will be doubled, totaling $180,000. Remember, with just a few clicks, your vote can change a child’s life forever.


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