5 Tips for Tub Time

5 Tips for Tub Time

Who doesn’t love bath time? Both children and parents enjoy spending time in and around the tub, but despite the repeated attempts at relaxation, not all settle-down bath times go according to plan. 

How can you make bath time more enjoyable for both parties, while less traumatic for the whole household? Here are a few suggestions to get things started on the right, sudsy foot:

1.     Rock a routine: Keep bath time consistent. If you make bath time a consistent ritual in the household, it will become a habit that your little one will come to know and even enjoy.

2.     Make some music: There are plenty of ways to make tub time fun time, and the addition of your child’s favorite soundtrack will make the new routine that much more enjoyable. For a familiar face that your child will know and love, consider me! My unique, completely waterproof design enables me to float and be fully mold resistant while your child enjoys their favorite bath time tunes via Bluetooth. Go ahead, turn up the tunes!

3.     Bring on the bubbles: Bubbles are a great addition to any bath; kids of all ages can agree! Have your child help add fun to the tub and watch the magic happen under the faucet as the bubbles begin to form. While they play with the Baby Bee Bubble Bath or Johnson and Johnson’s baby BEDTIME bath bubbles, quickly shampoo your little one’s hair before they even realize they’re squeaky clean.

4.     Try some toys: There is likely an abundance of toys in a toddler’s trail, so why not throw them in the tub as well? Soft toys that are easy to clean are great to toss in during bath time, especially for those who are teething. Toys are not only a great distraction during bath time, they also aid in the adjustment from dry to wet for those may be afraid of the water.

5.     Test the temperature: Is the water too toasty? Before learning the hard way, consider trying my temperature sensor, coming soon, to ensure the water is just right for baby and duck alike.

Like A Tale of Two Cities, bath time can be both the best and worst of times. Heed these helpful tips the next time you head to the tub and enjoy the time with your tot!


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