The Nest

The Nest

The name of this blog, The Nest, encompasses Edwin's world in a very literal way. 

A nest is a home; a place of comfort and support for feathered friends. The nest is a home where eggs are incubated and where birds nurture their young. A nest is created from strands of grasses, twigs, sticks, leaves, and branches. Some are intricately woven, others more simple. A nest is a haven for a baby bird to feel safe and allowed to spread their wings, eventually flying off to create their own nest. 

The elements of this blog, The Nest, represent Edwin's team, friends, and supporters who have joined together for their love of Edwin. We’ve fostered his creation, growth, and now he is ready for his big adventure, flying out into the world to explore with new friends.

The materials used in our imagination to build Edwin’s figurative nest are elaborately connected, all working together for the good of all. Every branch, twig, and grass strand represents those of us who love Edwin and believe in his messaging and purpose. 

Edwin is collectively our little duckling. It is our hope that he is welcomed into your home with as much love as he was raised.


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