Memorial Day Weekend: 9 Tips for Family Car Rides

Memorial Day Weekend: 9 Tips for Family Car Rides

Whether you’re going 15 minutes down the road or 15 hours across the country, traveling with kids can be difficult. However, Edwin believes that every moment together as a family can be a happy one. With Memorial Day Weekend coming up, Edwin the Duck would like to share with you his best tips for making family car rides a success!

As you start to plan your weekend, pause to read these 9 tips.

Pre-trip car prep: 

  • Having a trash bin in the car will make a huge difference by the end of the trip. It will keep the kids from wedging trash into various nooks and crannies before its eventual removal (and before its forgotten). Try making a DIY trashcan out of a plastic cereal container, the seal and pop-lid ensure that even wet messes and smells are contained.
  • Put cupcake liners in cup holders to keep them from getting packed with grime, and easily change out the cups whenever you want.
  • If you’re traveling with a child in diapers, put a disposable changing pad underneath them before placing them in the seat. This will save the car seat, and your nostrils, for the rest of the trip should an accident seep through their clothes.
  • Repurpose a hanging shoe rack as a multi-pocket storage system and drape it behind the front seats. It lets kids give every knick-knack an easily accessible home.
  • Always have paper towels, wet wipes and a few plastic bags in the car. They will always be put to use!

During the drive: 

  • Start the drive early in the morning so that the kids can sleep in the car. This will make the drive go by faster for everyone.
  • Strategically plan breaks where the kids are able to run around for a bit before jumping back in the car again. Letting them burn off some energy will reduce any restless stress.
  • Pack a lot of snacks to hold everyone over between meals - this will save both time and money!
  • If it’s a really long car ride, make a surprise bag full of wrapped toys that they get to open at specific mile markers or hours in the car. This will give them something to look forward to during the trip other than the final destination. It can also be a great incentive for good behavior. 

Of course the key to getting through any car ride is entertainment! Edwin is the perfect solution, packed with hours of educational songs, stories and interactive games for your children. Order Edwin the Duck online or pick him up from your local Apple Store. 

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May 24, 2016 • Posted by Kimmee

I drove over a hour to buy Edwin at my closet Apple Store & I am happy to confirm this lil duckie does not disappoint! I am 33 y/o & find Edwin hilarious, adorable, & irresistible! Alas he is not for me but my 2yo dtr. Edwin is a Very Smart Duck. He feels Well Constructed (he’s not a light at duck) & I personally love the texture of his material. Probably the Least Known Feature of Edwin is that he doubles as a Thermometer – Yes he is a real thermometer. My hubby & I took turns taking each other’s temperatures (& ‘quacking’ up lol during the whole process) via the forehead vs temporal methods. We are very happy to report he is accurate tho he’s not the fastest temp taker (SuggEstion App developers could u add in Edwin’s Wellness App a feature that tells u when Edwin has come to a conclusive temp as well as maybe a chart the temps could be placed into with typical date, time, etc?) The Edwin App is also great as it’s Very Interactive & my dtr’ fav song (ok I mean mine) is Edwin’s Bath Time (Suggestion App Developers – MORE SONG PLZ!!! If possibly make Edwin a Bluetooth Speaker? so that if he’s on his ‘bed’ he could play any tunes?!?!) My dtr enjoyed the books too n I enjoyed shaking, (wh)tapp(ck)ing, & turning Edwin during his adventures (Suggestion App Dev More Books Plz!!!). As far as the Edwin Night Light App – Edwin Rules the Roost! I love that he has a timer setting which allows for 15minutes (minimum) to unlimited (all nite) light. Edwin even has an Adjustable Briteness Setting (Hello Genius) to Very Brite to Very Muted! The other Amazing Feature is that u can play soothing sounds with Vol Adjust & timing option just like the nite lite. If I could give this Duck 10 Stars I Would! The Actually Edwin Apps Just Need Some More Content & Options. Other than that Edwin is All he is ‘Quacked’ up to Be!

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