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The rubber ducky finally has a name, along with a hi­tech, lovable personality. “Edwin” is the future of connected play.

The rubber ducky finally has a name, along with a hi­tech, lovable personality. “Edwin” is the future of connected play.

In 2015, the Toy Industry Association (TIA) predicted an increase in learning toys offering “smart play” opportunities, continuing an integration of technology in toys, the Internet of Things, and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education.

“A new level of sophistication in play is what our kids have come to expect. Personalized, multifunctional, and able to grow with the child.”
­ Tonda Bunge Sellers, Producer of Digital Kids Summit and Kids@Play Summit


With the introduction of the award­-winning Edwin the Duck, pi lab, an entertainment technology company focused on the new idea of intelligent product and application creation. The result is a duck that will forever change the way we look at the classic rubber duck. It begins with infants and toddlers taking advantage of Edwin’s built­in sleep machine, night light, and bath temperature sensor. Edwin’s world gradually expands into an interactive experience as your child enters preschool and beyond.

“To me, Edwin mixes the nostalgia of the rubber duckie with the high tech world of Bluetooth, the cloud and the Internet. The cool thing is that Edwin can always get fresh age­ appropriate content and continue to engage kids as they grow.”
­ Robin Raskin, Founder of Living in Digital Times, Kids@Play and FamilyTech Summit

Last year Edwin was awarded the prestigious KAPi Award at CES, an award given to companies who have moved the dial in kid’s interactive media. “That was the moment that Edwin’s existence was validated,” said Don Inmon of pi lab. “Our CES experience both on the showfloor and as winners of the KAPi helped our business skyrocket.

In addition to gathering numerous innovation awards, Edwin was evaluated by the National Lekotek Center’s Able Play system, scoring highly across all categories including Cognitive, Communicative, and Social/Emotional skills, expanding his potential into unforeseen realms with children of all developmental stages.  

“Edwin the Duck includes a multitude of ways for kids to interact during all ages and stages of child development. Edwin is a toy that will advance with kids as their skills progress and interests expand.”
­ Ahren Hoffman, CTRS


Engineer and inventor Matt MacBeth, CEO and co­founder of pi lab, will be at the 2016 Digital Kids Summit in San Francisco, California to share the tale of how he and his partner Don Inmon fused technology with fun, and gave a genuine personality to an iconic toy loved by people all over the world.

"The perfect gift for our daughter's first birthday. They are inseparable!!! He was by far the BEST TOY purchase we have ever made."
­ AJ, Pittston, Pennsylvania


About Edwin:

Edwin is a lovable sidekick for parents of newborns and toddlers, and a friend who grows with your child. The BPA­Free and adorably soft physical toy includes a collection of apps which are fun for kids and helpful to parents, with content in constant development:


Interactive Stories ­ Tap, turn, and toss Edwin to help him solve puzzles and play games while reading along during story time in his app.

Educational Games ­ Edwin’s technology combines learning and fun. Play games using Edwin to control the animated world, without touching the screen!


Bath Thermometer ­ Use Edwin's bath time app to check your baby's bath temperature to ensure it is never too warm for your baby.

Waterproof Speaker ­ Equipped with a BLUETOOTH® speaker, Edwin plays songs and sound effects from his app, and you can stream your favorite music through him!


Night Light ­ Let Edwin bring your little one comfort with his built­in night light! Use your phone or tablet to set a timer and adjust Edwin’s illumination.

Sound Soother ­ The easy to use Sleepy Time app comes with sleep sounds and lullabies, as well as volume and timer controls you can set using your phone or tablet.

In June of 2016, Target announced their plans to feature Edwin in the “connected nursery” section of their Consumer Electronics department and offer Edwin for purchase online and in store. In addition to this, Edwin is available for purchase online and in store at Best Buy and Apple as well as on

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Edwin’s Sneaky Meals: 6 Ways To Sneak Veggies Into Your Kid’s Dinner

Edwin’s Sneaky Meals: 6 Ways To Sneak Veggies Into Your Kid’s Dinner

Parenting is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. However, it can also be the most stressful – especially when your child is a picky eater. To Edwin, dinner is a time for families to bond and share stories. But with a picky eater, any meal can become a battle. That’s why Edwin went to work picking out what he calls his top “sneaky” recipes.

These healthy recipes take kids’ favorite foods and sneakily swap certain ingredients with fruits and veggies! The final product is so good that the whole family will never even notice a difference. Check out Edwin’s top three “sneaky” meals for dinner and dessert:


  • It’s almost a proven fact that all kids love pizza. Whether it stems from the all coveted ‘pizza party’ reward or its pure deliciousness, no kid will pass it up! So swap out the doughy crust for a healthy cauliflower pizza crust and give your child a hidden veggie they’ll love eating.
  • Finger foods are a crowd pleaser for both adults and children. They’re quick and simple. These broccoli tater tots are delicious and full of healthy sneaky veggies.
  • Much like the tater tots, baked butternut squash fries will make a picky kid happy. Serve with their favorite sauce or on their own, either way they’ll be eaten.


  • Frozen Banana Ice Cream(s) may be the best thing to happen to your summer, and after trying it once you may never buy regular ice cream again. Frozen pureed banana mimics the creamy texture of normal ice cream, but instead of all the refined sugars you get the vitamins and nutrients of bananas! Make dozens of different ice cream flavors by adding cocoa powder, berries or sprinkling their favorite candy bar on top.
  • It may surprise you, but this recipe for sweet potato brownies is likely to be your child’s most requested dessert. Sweet, fudgy, delicious and dense with nutritious value.
  • Deceptively Delicious Toddler muffins are so tasty sweet that they can be served for dessert, but also are so packed with fruits and veggies guaranteed to power your kid through even the busiest play day.

These sneaky meals are great for the whole family to stay healthy all year long. Download Edwin’s Temp Time App for tips on even more things you can do to keep your child feeling great.

Edwin’s Favorite Places in Indy

Edwin’s Favorite Places in Indy

With the historic running of the 100th Indy 500 coming up, many families are packing the car and flocking to Indianapolis! While the race may only last a few hours, Indy has more than enough attractions to entertain the whole family for days. So pack up, leave early and stay late -Indianapolis awaits! 

Stuck on where to start? Being an Indy native himself, Edwin knows the ins and outs of what the city has to offer and wants you to know what he loves most!

Here are a few of Edwin’s favorite places: 

  • The Indianapolis Motor Speedway – It’s only right that the IMS tops the list! It’s the highest-capacity sports venue in the world and has a museum, event venue and golf course on the infield alone. Edwin loves the bird’s eye view.
  • Main Street, Downtown Carmel – Other than his home nest, Edwin loves this main Carmel drag for all of its fun shops, restaurants, ice-cream parlors, salons, and parks. With easy access on the Monon Trail, it’s a great destination for families who want to get outside and take a walk or bike ride. Whether you shop around, get some food, or just admire the street art, it’s easy to see why Main Street made Edwin’s list.
  • The Indianapolis Children’s Museum- At 472,900 square-feet, and 11 major galleries, it is the largest children’s museum in the world. Edwin loves exploring all the exhibits while learning about science, history and world cultures. He especially loves the dinosaur exhibit. Come see what the “peaking dinosaurs” are looking at!
  • The Canal Walk- Like all good ducks, Edwin loves canals! Especially when they’re lined with sidewalks, restaurants, cafés, museums and gondolas!
  • The Indianapolis Zoo – Last, but certainly not least, is the Indy Zoo. Come and see over 250 species of Edwin’s exotic friends! This zoo is the first to be accredited as a zoo, aquarium and botanical garden! The only thing greater than its state of the art exhibits are its strides in animal conservation. 

Heading to Indianapolis for the race but don’t yet have your yellow travel companion? Stop by your local Apple Store and snag Edwin before hitting the road!