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Vinyl by pi lab is the elegant solution to your audio and tech lifestyle, powerfully amplifying your speakers and enabling connectivity to your Turntable, Smart Phone, or TV, through wireless and wired technologies. Vinyl not only amplifies your music, but also shares it with your existing Bluetooth speakers creating a second zone of sound. Vinyl is made from real wood and aluminum, adding a classic aesthetic to your audio components.



  • 50 X 2 Stereo Amplifier
  • Bluetooth audio input AND output
  • Phono Pre-Amp w/ Ground Plug
  • Auxiliary Analog Input
  • Subwoofer Output

Vinyl is a piece of art, from its simplistic, retro styling to how it feels to turn the machined aluminum volume control.


Vinyl makes enjoying your music collection easy. There's no need for complex, huge, expensive stereo receivers with the dozens of input and output connectors littering the entire product that takes up a huge amount of space in your living room... not to mention all those cables! With Vinyl, simply connect your speakers, your audio sources, and the power cord. Done. You can also use Vinyl wirelessly by choosing the Bluetooth input, and also sharing the music with other wireless speakers with Vinyl's Bluetooth output, tailoring the system to your home from the optional app.

Coming soon!