Meet Edwin and the Wingmen!

Separately Vess Rutenberg and Adam Gross are talented musicians with years of experience in bands such as The Lemonheads, S.M. Wolf, Jot, Zero Boys, and Antenna. Together they are Edwin's very own band, The Wingmen! Their retro beach rock meets Flight of Concords-style band will have you cheering for more.

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In the Press:

Edwin the Duck, the brainchild of Carmel’s pi lab, has taken large strides recently with adding music development to its array of other educational activities linked through a mobile app and centered on children ages newborn to 5 years old.

“We wanted to teach kids how to read music and how to carry a tune and have hands-on, experiential learning,” said Don Inmon, co-founder with Matt MacBeth.

Cue the Wingmen is a two-man band, made up of Vess von Ruhtenberg and Adam Gross, which sing songs featuring Edwin the Duck. Inmon said the songs will eventually be turned into interactive cartoons.

“The songs they’re singing are about shapes and getting along with friends and eating healthy,” Inmon said. “As this progresses, we are going to move into large concert venues, and kids can go into the show with their Edwin.”
— Anna Skinner, Current in Carmel