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meet us

At pi lab, we believe that technology can ignite a passion to learn. It is our mission to inspire creativity and exploration through innovative technology, unique products, and lovable characters. We believe this is what real connected play is all about.


Mira Awards 

In February 2015, pi lab was nominated for two Mira AwardsTechPoint Mira Awards in the categories of Tech Startup of the Year and Mobile Tech, winning in the Mobile Tech category. The Mira awards recognize excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship, and community commitment across the state of Indiana. At Mira Awards 2016, pi lab proudly took home the Tech Scale-up Company of the Year award. 

Innovation Showcase

In July 2015, pi lab won the grand prize at Innovation Showcase in Indiana, a networking opportunity featuring the best and the brightest entrepreneurs from across the state. 74 startups, 70 pitches, one winner: Edwin the Duck. 

KAPi Award

At CES® 2016, Edwin received the Kids at Play Interactive Innovation award. The KAPi’s celebrate the best innovations in children’s media and technology. The awards represent the combined opinion of 14 judges that are experts in multidisciplinary areas including education, media, design, storytelling and technology.


The National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) is one of the longest running and most respected awards programs in the country. In 2016, Edwin was given their seal of approval from their team of independent expert judges and family testers who review each submission for quality, entertainment, appeal, safety, educational content, and endurance.

Indiana Chamber of Commerce

In 2016, the Chamber awarded pi lab and co-founders Don Inmon and Matt MacBeth with the Indiana Vision 2025 Dynamic Leaders of the Year.

Centric Innovation of the Year

Pi lab was honored to receive the 2016 Indiana Innovation Award from the Indianapolis-based think tank Centric. The awards are given to individuals and organizations who are successfully leading the innovation charge in Indiana based on meeting market need and uniqueness.

OneZone Business of the Year

The Chamber of Commerce for Fishers and Carmel, Indiana awarded pi lab with the 2016 Business of the Year award, which is presented to businesses based on their success in growth and stability, commitment to quality, creative and unique solutions to challenges, entrepreneurial spirit and overall contribution to the community.

Meet the Team


CEO / Co-Founder

Matt has been preparing for his role of pi lab CEO since he received his first box of Legos. His favorite toy not only taught him lessons in sharing and patience, but gave him a freakishly strong background in physics and engineering as well. This subsequently led to mad skills in product development, testing, procurement, inventory control and creative problem solving.

His first job application was submitted at the age 7 to the Lego corporation. While waiting on that interview call, Matt completed elementary school, high school, designed several electronics products having sold in excess of one million units and has over 1 Million app downloads on the iTunes Store. Matt is now looking to create the next generation of educational products.

Favorite toy: Legos. Clearly.


President / Co-Founder

Don's first memory of consumer electronics was at age 3, when his dad was visited by the police for a noise violation during a show-and-tell session featuring the Beatles and a new stereo system. A few years later Don was introduced to a home computer -- with a color screen! He quickly learned the art of loading DOS on 5 1/4” floppies and conquering Space Quest.

From desktops to laptops, video cameras to gaming consoles, his fascination with electronics grew. With over 24 years experience, Don has evolved into well-rounded, passionate evangelist who has worked with and for such companies as Apple Inc., Klipsch Audio Technologies, and The House of Marley in roles ranging from Sr. Merchant, Director of Product Development, WW Sales Manager and General Manager.

Favorite toy: Big Trak.


Director of Marketing

It might have been the best Christmas ever when Amy received a Polaroid One Step camera, launching her life-long love of photography. A quiet and reserved child, she spent her days behind the scenes analyzing the world around her through a lens -- how people interact and what makes things work.

Spending 14 years in the consumer electronics/audio industry allowed her to find her voice, excelling at branding, consumer support and, ironically, social media.

While much more talkative these days, she still has her moments of quiet reflection, allowing her to determine exactly what needs to be done.

Favorite toy: Besides the camera? Simon.



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in the news

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Reviews and press

...pi lab intends to build apps for Edwin that will appeal to older children in the coming years. Still, as one 7-year-old put it, ‘It’s a speaker that I can take in the bath. Why wouldn’t I want it?’
— Wilson Rothman, WSJ

"Edwin the Duck includes a multitude of ways for kids to interact during all ages and stages of child development. Edwin is a toy that will advance with kids as their skills progress and interests expand." 

- Ahren Hoffman, CTRS


Going above and beyond the traditional squeaky bath toy, pi lab’s Edwin enhances stories, play and “sleepy time” with music, audio, learning and white noise features.


Edwin is adorable, fun and most importantly; educational.


As the child grows, Edwin grows, too, offering more age-appropriate educational content.


Edwin capitalizes on the popularity of the iconic rubber duck toy by giving it a name and personality.


Edwin is made of a soft silicone material, which makes him easy to cuddle and durable. His eyes are adjusted so they make eye contact, giving him an intelligent and trustworthy touch.


Bath time is about to get more fun with a Bluetooth rubber ducky called Edwin, which is waterproof and buoyant, and has a speaker inside.


Chicago Toy & Game Fair executives say plenty of developers don’t think of ways to apply their technology to toys and games — and they want to change that. Edwin, a Bluetooth-connected rubber duck, is the type of product in their sights.


The educational, interactive and creative component is awesome!


Meet Edwin the Duck but he's no ordinary duck. He's soft to the touch. He has a loving face. He can go everywhere with you. He is going to be your helper and he is going to be your child's BFF.


It isn’t too often that a rubber duck makes a splash outside of the water, but Edwin is truly no ordinary duck.


A combination of a classic toy and a modern app, this timeless piece should become a staple in your home!


Edwin is the Rubber Duck for a generation hatched among the rise of robots and self-driving cars. He is rechargeable and utterly adorable.



Awesome gift for children ages 1–7
Not quickly outgrown

Final Verdict:
A night light, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, thermometer, and friend come to life—Edwin the Duck is this year’s best toy yet.
— Becca Ludlum, iPhone Life


Edwin certainly is a cute little duck, about 4” long, with a slight smile across his beak.

He doesn’t just make quacks while working in tandem with the app — he can actually play streamed music like any Bluetooth 4.0 speaker. His little wings can even control the volume…


Edwin the Duck is an interactive companion who can go anywhere kids go.

Edwin the Duck balances imaginative play, educational play and companionship.


Edwin the Duck is a $100 device … that’s tricked out with Bluetooth technology. That way, your child can experience stories, play games, and sing songs with the duck thanks to the Edwin the Duck app.


I love all the ways that Edwin can be utilized. Can you believe that it’s even WATERPROOF and can go with your child into the pool or bath?


Reading, Singing, Playing and Sleeping will never be the same once you and your child meet Edwin!


In today's day of nearly everything we do throughout our day being computerized Edwin is at the cutting edge of our children's interactions with technology.


No one can resist a cute little rubber duck that has an animated personality…

Tech Crunch

…as bizarre as some connected product concepts may seem, occasionally there’s something that clicks. This CES, that was the smart duck, which is, in fact, a $99 high tech rubber duck for kids.


But it's not just a clever little tub-time speaker, it also has apps. We live in an incredible era where even a child's rubber duck can contain the sort of high-tech electronic equipment that just 20 years ago would have been unthinkable.


If you want cute and musical - and waterproof - you can't do better than Edwin the Duck this festive season.